Written by: Elaine Hamilton


With school starting I thought it would be nice to remind ourselves to teach our children to be nice and accepting to all classmates. Kids with special needs are not weird or odd. They want what everyone else wants –to be accepted. A kind word or kind smile might make all the difference I believe that acceptance and positive relationships set the tone for how a child feels about school. When a child is happy and comfortable in school they tend to learn to love school and do better in school in general. Please teach your child that there are differences in all of us that’s what makes the world go round ;we might not know what someone else is going through just by the way they looked or behave.Everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about. I believe if we start out teaching our children a few basic things about respect and responsibility at a young age ,they will carry the lessons on through to college and beyond i.e. the workplace and into the real world. I hope that everyone has a wonderful school year.bigstock_Group_Of_School_Kids

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